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Service + Repair 


  • All Repairs are performed at a first come first serve basis.

  • Upon drop-off, repairs will be given an estimated cost and time of completion.

  • Customers will be notified upon completion of repair.

  • If a repair exceeding $10.00 of original estimate arises, customer will be given a courtesy call before work is done.

  • In some cases, a deposit may be required for certain service/repairs.

  • Pickup and Delivery Service can be scheduled within a 10 mile radius of the store, so long as the total cost of the repair meets a minimum of $75.

We offer a one month grace period from completion of a repair for pick-up.  After one month, the customer  will incur a $50 per month storage fee until the repair is collected.  After one year, the repaired item will be assumed abandoned and will be donated to a local charity.  It is the duty of the customer to check on the status of a repair.  At the end of the one year, we will make every attempt to contact the customer before merchandise is donated.

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