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About Us


                  OUTSTANDING SERVICE

We first opened Shore Cycling Sports on Memorial Day Weekend in 2009. We had sixty bikes on the sales floor, and not much else. The dream was to create a family owned and operated sales and repair shop based solely on the love of cycling. We turned the lights on, unlocked the doors, and never looked back.

It's been over ten years, and we have gone from those first sixty bikes to carrying over 300, through every season of the year. As the shop grew, we grew along with it. We went from being a handful of BMXers to experienced, competing mountain bikers, traveling and riding all across the country. 


Since the very beginning, we've aimed to provide bicycles, cycling products, and service that are not only high in quality, but high in value.  Our goal is to equally serve every type of cyclist, from the family rider, the commuter, to the elite, competitive cyclist.  We want everyone to enjoy cycling as much as we do.  Smiles for miles!

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