Basic Check Over  
  • Check the derailleurs

  • Check the brakes

  • Light Cleaning

  • Lube the chain and pivots of the derailleurs

  • Check/add air to the tires

  • Light true of the wheels

Tandem: $89.99

Geared: $65.99

Single Speed: $54.99

Deluxe Tune Up
  • Inspect and inject grease into hubs and adjust them

  • True, tension and dish wheels

  • Adjust the bottom bracket and head set

  • Adjust brakes and gears

  • Lube cables when possible (and if they need it)

  • Inspect and grease the binders on the stem

  • Inspect and grease the seat post and the seat tube binder bolt

  • Lubricate the chain, cogs and derailleur pivots

  • Clean up the frame and the wheels

Tandem: $199.99

Geared: $169.99
Single Speed: $129.99

Standard Tune Up
  • Adjust the hubs, headset, brakes and gears

  • True and re-tension the wheels

  • Check the binders/bolts on the stem, seat post, and cranks

  • Adjust and tighten bottom bracket

  • Adjust tires to accurate pressure

  • Cleaning of frame, fork, and wheels

Tandem: $119.99

Geared: $89.99

Single Speed:  $69.99



Don't take time out of your busy schedule! Call or email to schedule your service. We offer pickup and delivery within ten miles of the shop for  $25.00.  Your bike will be picked up, repaired, and dropped off upon completion. 


Let us take care of everything! All you have to worry about is your next ride!

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